Classic Hierarchal View

Tree View is the regular hierarchal view of all the folders and files included in the project.
Left tree options

   Menu    Function
  Primary Menu leftMenu
Check Check All
Uncheck All
Check or uncheck all folders and files.
  Control Expand Node
Collapse Node
Expand or collapse all folders and files under selected node.
  Navigation Go to Top
Go to Bottom
Jump to top or to bottom node.
  Sort By Name
By Path
By Marking
By Date Created
By Date Last Accessed
By Date Last Modified
By File Size
By File Type
Sort folders and files by parameter.
  Copy Right
With Folders
Without Folders
Copy files to right:
Include folder structure
Include only files
  Filter Hide
Show Tag
Show only selected nodes.
  Folder Operation Insert Other Folder
Remove Other Folder
Add or remove other folders to or from project.
  Check Files Check only Keep
Check only Bookmark
Check only Copied
Check only Delete
Check only Deleted
Check only Duplicates
Check only No Action
Check only Tagged
Check only Archived
Check only specific nodes.
  Context Menu leftContext
  Node Operations Check This Node Check this node only.
Extract All Expand node and extract all sub folders and files.
Locate on Right Find this node on the right tree if it was copied.
View on Disk Show node in Windows Explorer.
Show Details Show information on file or folder.
Get Disk Space Get disk space of node.
Add Note Add a note about this file or folder.
Look up on Web Search Google for selected file.