Quick Overview

folder organizer * main screen is divided into two.  On the left is the folder structure as it is when you begin the project. On the right is the new organization as you build it. folder organizer * provides you with tools with which to find, classify and reorganize files.

The seven tools  to create a reorganized folder structure are Organize, Find on Disk,  Tag View ImageRenameDuplicate, and Reports


The organize section is used to build up the new folder structure. Take a cluttered and ineffective folder structure (left) turn it into an organized folder structure (right).


Find Disk:

Find section is used to search other locations on the disk; find other files to include in the project.



The Tags section is used to tag files,  classify them and then organize them into folders



The Images section is used to sort out image files. Image files which you do not recognize or files with non-descriptive names. Recognize then organize.



This section renames files in the new folder structure. The new folder can now have a sensible, effective naming system.



The duplicate section helps manage duplicate files. It is not uncommon to have 2, 3 or more copies of the same file or very similar files across various folders. Here you can group them together and manage them.


Report: This report section generates three reports that help you keep track of what was copied and if there were any errors in copying.