List View with Filtering

Filter View is the same group folders and files as in tree view presented in list form with filtering options. Note that only folders and files that have been expanded will be presented in filter view. In order to see all folders and files, first choose Expand Fully  from the tree menu, then they will apear in filter view.

  Menu     Function
  Primary Menu filter
  Filter Filter according to parameters:
File name
Type of file
Marking of file
Locations of files
Tags associated with files
Size of Files
Dates of Creation, Modified and Last Access
File or Folder
  Check All Check all filtered results.
  Refresh Clear filter.
  Total Size Show total memory of filtered list.
  Copy to Right Copy checked files to right.
  Filter Options Choose filter parameters.
  Context Menu filterContext
  Locate on Tree Locate this file on left tree.
  Copy Right Copy checked files to right.


An example use of the filter view would be to filter out all files tagged as “Photos of Boston”, then easily copy them over to the desired folder on the right.