folder organizer *

A folder can, in the course of months or years become disorderly to the point of being unmanageable. Some of the signs of an unmanageable folder:

  • Files inside are unrecognizable
  • Files are misplaced across different folder structures.
  • There is duplication of files in the folder or across various folders.
  • Folder is difficult to search through due to its size and degree of clutter.
  • Files are unrelated and have no reason to be in the same folder.

If you have such a folder or folders then folder organizer * is for you.

Light organization such as renaming and moving a few files is easily done with Windows Explorer, but for larger organization projects this method is not very practical. Use folder organizer * to clean up and radically shape up any unmanageable folder. With folder organizer you can do this gradually without disturbing your work flow.

The Problem:

Reorganizing a large, cluttered folder properly usually takes some planning. It can take a long time, sometimes even months. During this time your files and folders are left scattered, some organized some not. This is enough to put your reorganization project off. Wouldn’t it be better if you could first plan the reorganized structure and then organize it according to plan?

The Solution:

Folder organizer provides you with an explorer like interface in which you can “write down” your reorganization plans without changing anything on the disk.

Take all the time you need. Once the structure is planned and all folders and files have found their correct place in the new folder, click Folders->Organize. There is no need to manually make these changes, folder organizer will move, copy, delete, and rename all files to their intended destinations on the disk.

Minutes later you will have the newly organized folder ready on the disk. The original folder is saved as a backup.

Having an organized folder structure frees your mind, improves your work efficiency, saves disk space and can improve your hard disk performance.



folder organizer works like this:

  1. Define the current folder/file structure you want to organize
  2. Plan and organize the new folder structure without making real changes on the disk
  3. Once satisfied with the new folder organization, use folder organizer to create the new folder structure on the disk. folder organizer leaves a backup of the original folder for you to either archive or delete manually.

First plan the new folder, then create it on disk, then backup (or delete) the original folder.